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Bishop Secco officiates Sacred Heart youth mass

Tuesday morning’s youth mass officiated at Sacred Heart church by Bishop Luis Antonio Secco and accompanying clergymen of the diocese of Willemstad, proved to be an event that reinforced belief in the continued strength of the Roman Catholic Church on Saba. Gathered for the special mass were all the pupils and teachers of Sacred Heart Primary School and Saba Comprehensive School. Under the supervision of music teacher Everard Blackman, the youth choir showcased its best, while several youth were selected to lead the congregation in dedicating prayers.
Identifying himself as a child of Saba, Reverend Simon Wilson spoke about his youth on the island and his calling to serve the church. He also spoke of the visiting clergy’s joy to meet with the new generation, which represents the link with the future. Wilson then introduced to the youth Father Curtis Meris, the youngest among the visiting clergy. Meris delivered his message, while connecting well with his audience. He asked them about their music idols, how they carry themselves, and how they showcase their individuality. He also challenged the youth to defend their identity, style and way of being, not by copying the behaviour of their idols, but by building their own style as Christian youth. He encouraged them to express their identity and present themselves in their own particular style, so that they would be appreciated for who they are. With an engaging, booming voice, Meris encouraged the youth to think about how to base their identity on Christian values. He recommended prayer as a central part of identity preservation. He finished by telling the youths that they are not just the future of the church, but the present as well. During mass, Father Danilo Pastor called Sacred Heart principal Diane Wilson and Island Councilman Rolando Wilson to the altar. They were blessed by the bishop on the silver jubilee of their marriage.
Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-03-03

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