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Oreo cookies’ centennial celebrated

Sacred Heart School (SHS) children celebrated the Oreo cookies’ centennial with a display of math, vocabulary and art contests early Tuesday morning. Teachers and children alike were involved in “celebrating the kid inside all of us,” which was the theme of the worldwide campaign for the iconic product. Those gathered learnt about the history of the Oreo cookie, which was introduced on March 6, 1912 by the National Biscuit Company, currently under Kraft Foods.

Teacher Helen Hassell initiated the competitions with the permission and support of SHS principal Diane Wilson. The art contests were made in cooperation with art teacher Stacey Simmons. A flowerpot with flowers was the centrepiece of the exhibit. Together with their teacher, the children cooked a dirt cake complete with crushed “earth” and gummy worms. The special ingredients were provided by Hassell, while the worms were donated by Carl Buncamper. Among many competitions, there was a game on identifying 25 words made with the letters of the word “celebration.” Teacher Hassell praised the winner highly, who managed to make no less than 65 words. All participants were rewarded with Oreo cookies at the end of the event.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-03-07

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