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“Positive thinking” workshops gain large following

Last week’s Positive Thinking lectures and discussions attracted fullcapacity attendance and resulted in long-term interest for a core group of Saba residents, at the Pearl House on Troy Hill. Workshop lecturer Devki Ramsahai is currently based in St. Maarten where she serves the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Front Street, Phillipsburg, but her work extends to many of the Caribbean islands.

Asked about the organisation she represents, Ramsahai explained she is a member of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University with some 8,000 branches in over 130 countries. The non-governmental and non-profit organisation provides services free of charge. Originally from Guyana, Ramsahai served the organisation for over 29 years and is most active in the Caribbean, involved with different centres and support groups in the islands. A spiritually rewarding aspect of her work is the annual retreat on Mount Abu in Rajasthan, India. Ramsahai recently returned from such a trip where the community celebrated the platinum jubilee of the organisation and some 40 years of activities outside India. The celebrations honoured people like her who dedicate their lives in service.

A core belief of her work is that within each individual there is a set of positive values. She believes that if one becomes awakened to the realisation that by nature we are positive, the ripple effect is one of positive change for the individual. That perception becomes projected on others and those values identified in others lead to positive changes in attitude, actions and relationships. The workshops promoted this inner experience of positive thinking and selfawareness.

The majority of people who attended the presentations were people familiar with Ramsahai’s work, while some were new to the group. The discussions did not follow the prepared PowerPoint presentation or flipcharts but the actual experiences, interests and needs of participants. As a result she believed the workshops had reached individuals at a deeper level of understanding.

This was her sixth visit to Saba after a two-year break, and the participants suggested remaining in contact via online conferences to continue the discussions. Following her trip to Saba, Ramsahai is headed on a European tour to Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Holland and Norway, where she is invited to lecture at the different centres of the organisation.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-03-12

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