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Late Peter Granger laid to rest on Saba

The funeral of late former Acting Lt. Governor, Island Council Member and Commissioner Peter Leicester Granger took place at St. Paul’s Conversion Church in Windwardside on Monday morning. The solemn ceremony brought together family, friends, officials and the community at large, with eulogies read by Former Lt. Governor Sydney Sorton, Acting Governor Roy Smith, Dave Levenstone and Peter Granger’s daughter Jacinth Buncamper.

Sorton paid tribute to the ambitious man, known by many as “Cessie” and by him as “Commissioner Granger.” He recounted Granger’s life, telling the latter had left Saba for Aruba and worked for Lago Oil Company until he had earned enough to build his house in Saba, where he later became a long-serving politician. Sorton recalled how in 1989, Granger and Vernon and Ramon Hassell of the Executive and Island Councils had interviewed him as candidate Lt. Governor. Granger served in both councils and gained a reputation for firm decisionmaking and “enormous contributions to his island.” Sorton also quoted former governor of the Netherlands Antilles Frits Goedgedrag in recalling how Granger busily made his way between the Cabinet of the Council of Ministers and the President of Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles, lobbying the preparation for the pension law for Executive and Island Council members, which ended fittingly named as the “Granger Law.” He also recalled Granger as a religious man, who surprised everyone when he sang a hymn on his 94th birthday, surrounded by his daughter Jacinth and family.

Levenstone recalled how Granger had entered politics in 1963 by founding the Saba People’s Party and served for 28 years before retiring from politics at age 73, making him the longest serving Saban in public office. For his service and loyalty Granger was knighted by the Queen, and in honour of the strong mark left by his public service, the gymnasium in St. John’s was named Peter L. Granger Sports Auditorium.

Acting Lt. Governor Smith recalled the family and friendship ties that linked him to Granger and testified to a life lived in kindness and service. “He was a living proof of just how fine a person can be,” Smith said, who called on the family not to grieve, but celebrate the wonderful life he lived.

Jacinth Buncamper spoke about her father’s remarkable life, one that should be celebrated. She spoke of her father living the life he wanted, with his wife, children and grandchildren. She also mentioned his lifelong religious devotion, as well as his passion for politically charged conversations. On behalf of the family, Buncamper thanked medical personnel and attending nurses of Henry C. Every Home for the Elderly, as well as friends who took care of Granger in his final years and who stood by the family.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-03-14

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