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Lieutenant Governors had a dialog with their people in the Netherlands

Young and old were Wednesday in in Scheveningen on the Pier to ask questions to the Lieutenant Govorners of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. They wanted a dialogue with their people living in the European Netherlands. It appeared that there was a great need for information on the development on the islands.

The Pier in Scheveningen

The Lieutenant Governors got questions regarding the unequal treatment, health care and safety on the islands. There was also a need for an information center in the Netherlands for the Caribbean Dutch. The Bonairean who asked this question was unhappy in that he received no concrete answer: “There was no specific yes or no.” He would like to be able to ask questions to a person and not via the internet: “Someone at the desk can direct answers or guide you in the direction where you need to go.”

The  Lieutenant Governor of Bonaire, Lydia Emerencia, who was only appointed 2 weeks ago, showed sympathy for the concerns of the public, but at the same time she asked for an active and positive participation of the people. “Let us all together constructively contribute to the development of Bonaire. I believe in the power of the people of Bonaire.” Her colleague from Saba, Jonathan Johnson, was of the opinion that this had been an important meeting, because people get more information than just what they learn through the press.

Gerold Berkel, Lieutenant Governor of Sint Eustatius, would like to exchange views with the people of his island, that live in the Netherlands. He could understand the unsatisfactory feelings of some people: “It is always emotional, especially for those living in the Netherlands.” He would gladly have had more time to talk to the people.

Source: Caribiana, March 15, 2012

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