Saturday , December 2 2023

Suspect arrested for break-ins

Saba’s Chief of Police Lt. Durk Hiemstra said investigations into two recent attempted burglaries and one home invasion had resulted in the arrest of a twenty-six year-old suspect. The suspect is a Dominicano man residing in The Bottom.

The first incident took place during the night of March 5, in The Bottom and involved the attempted entry into the home of a medical student. “The student was terribly shocked to witness the suspect attempting to enter her home by opening the shutters,” Hiemstra said.

The second attempt took place during the night of March 8, in Windwardside. The young woman resident succeeded in deterring the suspect, who was attempting to enter her apartment in the same way as in the previous incident.

The third break-in resulted in an actual burglary, which took place in a house on Carrot Street in Windwardside. The residents were not at home during the incident, which also took place sometime between March 5 and 9. The suspect is currently in police custody.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-03-16

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