Friday , March 24 2023

Saba Party Productions Launches “Saba We Love” Carnival Troupe

Saba Party Productions (SPP) has officially launched its “Saba We Love” costume troupe for Carnival 2012. Kevin Hassell, who is the Chairman of SPP, has joined with Ms. Beverly Every to organize this troupe. “We felt that the lack of costume troupes during the last years signifies a piece of our culture which will soon be lost. This is our first time organizing such a troupe, but we have started early and we hope that we can have a huge colorful turn out which can be enjoyed by all”, stated Hassell.

The troupe, which will be full costumed, will represent the colors of the Saba flag. Already, three prototypes (Red, white and blue), have been made in Trinidad and are on Saba. Persons wishing to view the costumes can contact Beverly to make an appointment. SPP hopes that this venture will be accepted by the population and that a large costumed troupe can be organized to display our cultural pride for Carnival 2012.
Persons interested in signing up can contact any of the organizers or send an email to A deposit will be required upon signing up.

Press release SPP, March 19,2012

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