Friday , March 31 2023

Civil servants in the Netherlands lose protected status

The Hague – The government in the European Netherlands may soon have an easier way to release redundant staff. The Second Chamber wants officials to lose their special position. Soon it will be easier to fire civil servants in the European Netherlands.

A majority in the Second Chamber will support today a law of proposed by CDA and D66 that equates the legal status of civil servants to that of the normal citizens. This removes their right example to four times to appeal against dismissal. The CDA emphasizes that it is now time to introduce such changes, as there is a great exodus of civil servants  in the offing. “This helps the government to become  a more modern and flexible organization,” said CDA MP Van Hijum. “It saves a lot legal actions. ”

Promoters get support of the VVD and PVV. “This makes the change from a job with the government to private  business easier,” said VVD MP Van der Burg. The Freedom Party shares this view. “Why should you as a civil servant enjoy a special position with respect to other citizens?” Said PVV MP Brinkman.

It is not known if this law may also affect the position of the civil servant on the special public entities.

Source: Telegraaf, March 20, 2012

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  1. And this is supposed to be good news. It sounds to me that the BES islands are now Having to the the laws of the Netherlands to a “T”

  2. I guess that if this is indeed passed, that our civil servants now will lobby for a change in the constitution ASAP.

  3. Agreed