Wednesday , October 4 2023

Dutch schools unable to pay for upkeep

Elementary schools could face difficulties as a result of the government’s plans to change the way they are financed, the Association of Dutch Municipalities warns in a letter addressed to parliament.

The government wants to make the schools themselves to pay for maintenance of the school’s exterior, the municipalities say. Currently, maintenance is being financed by the municipalities. Many schools, especially the smaller ones, lack both the means and the expertise, the municipalities note, to maintain the school buildings.

Schools with a tight budget could face a choice between maintaining the quality of their education or maintaining the school building. Another problem highlighted by the letter is that schools housed in historic buildings could face far higher costs than those housed in modern buildings.

Because of all these reasons the Association of Dutch Municipalities urges the government to reconsider its plans, which are scheduled to take effect in 2014 as part of its austerity measures.

Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide, 2012-03-25

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