Friday , March 24 2023

Public Meeting of the Island Committee cancelled for Tuesday, March 27

The Registar, Mrs. Els Boers announce that the majority of the committee has decided the the public meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 27 at 7:00 PM is cancelled.

No reason for the cancellation has been given.

No future date for this meeting has been given either.

The original agenda and the subjects to be discussed in this meeting was presented in an earlier article. You can read this HERE.

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  1. It is not clear why the Central Committee of the Island Council would have wanted to meet at 7.00 p.m. This just did not make any sense at all. Was it for them to see more people attending the meeting? Did they take into consideration the extra cost this would have been on he coffers of the Government by having to pay overtime for the Security.
    My advice to the Central Committee and Island Council would be to start having all meeting aired live on radio so that people can follow the debates from within their homes or offices.
    Keeping the meeting at night time in my opinion was a total waste of time. But it would be good to hear why the meeting was cancelled. My sources however informed me of the reason why the meeting was cancelled and I have to agree totally with it. Having these type of meetings in which you deal with the people affairs in the evening hours makes absolutely no sense at all.

  2. René Caderius van Veen

    I completely disagree with mr Dave Levenstone. It is normal and completely justified for meetings of local governments to schedule them on times that as much inhabitants as possible will have the opportunity to be present and to raise their voices if necessary. Listening to the radio can just compensate for the passive role and not for the active role of citizens in those meetings. And the argument about the costs of overtime working salaries is also irrelevant. How democratic is the attitude of mr. Levenstone?

  3. Rene, I never asked you to agree with me for one moment. I have my opinion and so be it.
    Holding these meetings in the evenings or nights will not have any more visitor attendance than if hey were held in the day time. This has been tried in the past already and it did not work. That structure might work in Holland but not here. This extra cost was not budgetted for. Dave Levenstone attitude is very much democratic. I live here and know this island good enough. Holding these type of meetings with little substance in the evening is a waste of time and taxpayers money. That is my opinion and I do not need for anyone to agree with me. Its as simple as that.

  4. I would like to work for Mr. Levenstone. He thinks that it is ok to listen to the radio from 9-12. I hope that he can convince all other employers on Saba that work is less important than listening to the radio.
    He is a kind man for the workers, but a disaster for the economy with such attitude.

  5. Eddy just for your information just about every business place on Saba has a radio playing during working hours. So your point is useless. Stop judging people. I stand proudly behind my point.