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Red Cross got emergency training

The Saba and St. Eustatius Red Cross Chapters came together on Saba for an intensive Emergency First Responder training March 23–25. The training resulted in Saba and Statia Red Cross each having four graduates per chapter. These are Beatrix Heyliger, Ricardo Carty, Tony Hughes, Arlene Spanner-Schmidt, Janet Hassell, Movida Williams, Militza Maduro and Angela Schmidt.

The organizations were grateful for the participation of instructors Mayra Mackay and Marla Dominguez from the Aruba Red Cross. The graduates “are now able to set up and administer oxygen to persons in need, assist in childbirth, in addition to responding to medical emergencies involving musculoskeletal systems, breathing emergencies, sudden illnesses and severe bleeding,” a Red Cross press-release stated.

In addition to securing advanced trained personnel, each Red Cross chapter now has instructors who can implement further local trainings. Both organizations are encouraging the public to keep informed about upcoming training opportunities for volunteers.

Persons interested in being a part of the Red Cross are encouraged to contact Tony Hughes at Sabaredcross@yahoo. com or Ricardo Carty at

Source: “The Daily Herald ” 2012-03-31

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