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Tackling homophobia in Dutch nursing homes

Homosexuality is widely accepted in the Netherlands, but it can still be a taboo for elderly people, particularly in nursing homes. Humanitas, a Dutch care organisation, is trying to tackle the problem.

According to Giny ten Brummelhuis of Humanitas, “pink pensioners are often called names and ignored. People don’t want to sit at the same table as them. It really hurts.” The harassment can lead to isolation, loneliness and depression. Some of the pink pensioners even hit the bottle to try and cope.

Nanda Claessen, who is 69, has been living in a home for the past nine years. She also faced rejection when she came out, but now her fellow residents are more accepting of her sexual orientation. She has even set up a “Pink Salon” in the home where lives. Gay and lesbian senior citizens in the home and the neighbourhood get together every Friday.

Published on : 27 August 2012 – 9:44am | By Eric Beauchemin (:EenVandaag)

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