Friday , March 24 2023

Saba Conservation Foundation – Newsletter August 2012 is out

The Saba Conservation Foundation, SCF, has issued their Newsletter for August 2012. In this beautifully prepared document they report on several projects.

There have been some staff changes, a Saba Bank Park officer was hired and the office bustled with visiting researchers, students and interns, to the limit of our capacity. The Saba Bank patrol vessel is still undergoing major upgrades, scheduled to be finished for its official launch on September 15th.

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Source SCF, September 2, 2012

Note from the Editor:

We have added the real time weather data provided by the SCF to the SabaNews site. You can now compare the weather conditions in the Bottom and in Fort Bay in real time. De amazed by the difference, although they only separated by a few hundred meters horizontally.

Select in the Menu on the left: “Weather forecasts“, then “Saba Weather stations“.



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One comment

  1. Thank you SabaNews for presenting the information from the two weather stations next to each other on your site. One often hears the stories about the different micro climates on Saba, but these real time data prove it.
    Many thanks to Chris Meijvogel and the SCF for making the effort to maintain their weather stations.