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RCN organised Press Day workshops on Bonaire

Government Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN organized an event for all members of the press and communication experts of the “public entities” Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba and RCN on Bonaire, August 31-September 1. Participants followed workshops with subjects such as,” The press and government, why we need each other?”, “The difference between journalism in the Caribbean and European Netherlands” and “The role of the media from 10-10-10 until now and beyond.”

The workshops were facilitated by media trainer Bob Harms and journalists Belkis Osepa and Oscar van Dam. There was much interaction among participants, and agreements were made about integrity, listening to both sides, and about cooperation and exchange of information among the various islands and the role of the media in this. It will be researched how to give form to an information council, in which communication advisors of all three islands and RCN will be a member.

The press also indicated they have the need for more cooperation and exchange of information between the three islands.

Parallel to the August 31 workshops, media training was given to all RCN department heads, which culminated in a press conference. On September 1, all participants celebrated Day of the Press during a festive luncheon.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-09-04

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  1. The press should have reported more, especially in the Netherlands about our problems and the inferior way the transition was implemented. The RCN IS the Dutch government, don’t get to close dear press. They only represent ONE point of view, theirs!