Monday , March 20 2023

Freelancers unlikely to vote PvdA, do not want to be 'mothered'

Freelancers (zzp’ers) are unlikely to vote for the labour party PvdA and prefer the right-wing liberal VVD and the left-wing liberal D66, according to the voting intentions barometer of freelancers’ platform Victor Mundi.

While the PvdA rises in the polls, freelancers are unlikely to vote for the party. ‘They are against many PvdA policies for freelancers,’ Victor Mundi’s Jeroen Sakkers told BNR radio. ‘For example, a minimum tariff and compulsory insurance against loss of income.’ Only just under 25% of freelancers are in favour of the loss of income insurance with its high premium, the rest are against, according to Sakkers. Nor are they keen on Mei li Vos, appointed by the PvdA to look after the interests of freelancers. Just 14% think this is a good idea. The rest do not want to be ‘mothered’ by her.

According to Johan Marrink of ZZP Nederland, freelancers think of themselves as entrepreneurs and are more likely to vote VVD, D66 or christian democrat CDA. ‘There are 750,000 freelancers in the Netherlands which translates as a lot of seats,’ he told BNR radio. ‘This is why they are getting more attention than during previous elections.’

Source: Dutch News Wednesday 05 September 2012

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