Thursday , December 7 2023

PVV wrongly claims €13,000 from Brussels for euro report: tv show

Geert Wilders anti-immigration PVV, which is campaigning in the current election on an anti-European ticket, wrongly claimed money from Brussels for a report on the euro, according to current affairs show Reporter.
Friday night’s broadcast will show how the PVV broke European rules by declaring the costs of the research to the European parliament, even though the report was for the Dutch parliamentary wing of the party.
Former PVV parliamentarian Marcial Hernandez told the programme claiming the money from Europe had been discussed within the party’s foreign affairs committee in The Hague.

‘There it was suggested to see if we could get the money to finance the research from Europe,’ Hernandez said.
The report on the cost of the euro to the Netherlands was drawn up by London-based bureau Lombard Street Research.

In addition, the PVV tried to claim a further €13,000 from Brussels for a translation of the report, including 11 days research. That claim was rejected, Reporter says.

Wilders has always claimed the PVV receives no official subsidies. He has not yet commented in detail on the television show’s claims.
Source: Dutch News, Friday 07 September 2012

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  1. René Caderius van Veen

    This is a former VVD-member. Not just the colour of his hair is fake.

  2. If this article proves something than it is that the EU is indeed a tax-devouring Moloch and that politicians love expense claims; but we knew that already.

    Well, with 42% undecided voters, the bashing of unwanted parties (read criticism to the established order and EUSSR) cannot go far enough; as stated over and over, the msm, in the hands of politicians, banksters and multinationals (put them in the same bed and it’s called fascism), play a pernicious role in this one. Fortunately for “three musketeers” the average citizen cannot be fooled once, not twice but all the time.
    Whatever comes after September 12, and how beautiful and sincere the promises will sound, the direction will remain the same.
    The crisis will not be solved but worsening and the citizens will be suffering even more. Everything will become more expensive (hyperinflation because of fiat currencies). Those responsible (mainly government) will – like now – profit from it. Civil rights will continue to be affected under the guise of crime and terrorism. Free energy will not be available and fuel prices will only rise. Health care costs are already no longer manageable and that will not improve. Compensation for alternative medicine will slowly disappear from the care packages. No investment in education, let alone that any reform will be implemented. Studying will become more expensive. More harmful additives will arrive in our diet and healthy eating will become more difficult. Poverty in other parts of the world will not be solved. Immigration will increase as well as the therewith associated problems. International conflicts will not be nipped in the bud but flare. ‘Brussel’ will expand its powers and with it freedom will disappear. The green ideology will more and more become a dangerous alternative to the traditional socialist doctrine; another radical attempt to change human society. Social discontent will grow until the next election…….and then……………….. we vote……………. again ………..
    Democracy: a kind of institutionalized gang rape. Away with it!

  3. My guts tell me, this guy is no good, and I can count on my guts 😉 I wonder what we will get when “democracy” is gone as Peter suggests? It think they tried several other things before: kings, dictators, communism, facism etc. Let me know what you had in mind. Even if I’m also frustrated with these politicians, banks, insurances, pharma and oil companies, big capital and cooperations, what we need is an alternative, a movement or something like that. But that would involve brave people….are we brave people?

  4. Wolfgang, I will try to present a short and rough outline and if I can trigger your interest, there is enough information available on the Internet (not on msm….) and can also recommend some interesting literature if you like. Please forgive me my hop step jump work, however the story would otherwise be too long

    A real economy has a gold standard so that corrupt politicians cannot buy votes to be paid by unborn children.

    Sovereign Debt are created by legislation that makes it possible to make money out of nothing, by mass immigration without the right conditions, by subsidies or by expanding government and of course all these so called civil servant loyal agree to the hand that feeds them (creating their own electoral cattle).

    In socialism, communism and fascism belongs paper money backed by empty promises and there is no separation between government and money / government and economy. Fiat currencies that are created out of nowhere, (fantasy money without gold cover that is issued by a central bank, which has a monopoly, is an invention of the high priest of the left church Marx) are used to suppress the value of raw materials and energy and to artificially increase that of labor.
    The economy is thus artificially stimulated by pumping in more fake money and this creates inefficiency and misallocation of capital.

    If we didn’t leave the gold exchange standard in 1971 we already had sufficient alternative energy and economies based on sustainability. If we didn’t leave the gold exchange standard in 1971 the U.S. would be bankrupt after the Vietnam War and there wouldn’t be invested so much money in defense and war.

    Overall; much of our prosperity and welfare has become possible because we left the gold standard in 1971 and huge amounts of fantasy money could be created. This periode has now come to an and end and it will soon show that our welfare is based on no more than hot air (as with any pyramid scheme it will go on as long as new participants (debt slaves) join the game but will collapse quickly when no one wants to play the game anymore; look what is happening to the EUSSR).

    The government spends 60% of our GDP ….. determines directly for 60% the economy and indirectly for around 70%. Intervenes through legislation on almost everything; even behind our front door. There is hardly any free market left.
    The government should stay with its claws out of the economy and money. In The road to serfdom, Hayek puts it all out. You can easily see where this is going with the EU and the U.S.: namely fascism.

    Real capitalism (hardly exists as you know by now) comes with a gold standard. Growth of the economy gives a country more gold and thus a larger money supply. Capitalism has a separation of government and money through a gold standard. Capitalism has a separation of state and economy.

    Freedom of the individual is the central point in Libertarianism (roughly synonymous with capitalism). It is based on the self-determination: individuals are free to decide what to do with their body, property, and the fruits of their labor as long as they do not infringe on another person’s body or property. Libertarians are fundamentally against tax and enforced regulation, and argue for both personal and economic freedom. Libertarianism relies on philosophers such as John Locke, Ayn Rand and Robert Nozick, and economists like Adam Smith and Murray Rothbard, and Nobel Prize winners Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman. More freedom is less poverty. More government is less freedom. In my humble opinion Libertarianism is the way to go.

    If this appeals to you: the Libertarian Party is your choice, If your more into socialism, communism or fascism: pvda, d66, cda, sp or vvd would be a good choice (forgive me if I forgot some).

  5. Thanks Peter. Interesting discourse and information. I still wonder and frankly doubt that pure capitalism is as rosie as you point it out. Who put the world in this mess in the first place? Banks, Wallstreet etc or as they call it: greed. Capitalism looks only for maximum profit, doesn’t care about the enviroment (BP Gulf Oil spill) and in the end it will be some very rich (don’t we have that already?), a small middle class and a lot of poor people without health care, no decent income etc. That’s why I think it cannot hurt the government has a say and regulates certain things. I think it’s superficial to believe all people could care for themselves and as a society we have also responsibilities. Of course, I understand in many cases it gets more and more out of hand and governments took it to far in recent decates. But it is a good thing, in my opinion, that all stakeholders in a society (i.e. unions, employer organisations) have an input so all parts of society are represented and can find a compromise. That’s the problem in the U.S., there are two groups and one just blocks everything what the othereside does for power reasons. Pure and uncontrolled capitalism will lead us to war (they want to sell the stuff they produce), buying elections and dispair. I have no definate answer to all the questions and as I said before, I’m disappointed with most parties or politicians myself. But that doesn’t mean I gave up hope. In that regard, I would never vote for the PVV/Wilders party since I deeply disagree with their mindset, even if some looks tempting some times (populism). Maybe we finish it here Peter. Lets see what other topics come up next time. I guess I got your point and I hope you got mine. By the way: I’m not allowed to vote in the upcoming elections, even if I probably would. But I’m not the right nationality. I’m only allowed to pay taxes and invest my money here.