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PvdA could loose seat to Groen Links

Final calculations by the Election Council in the wake of Wednesday’s general election may result in a oneseat transfer from Labour PvdA to green-left Groen- Links. The shift, which would mean PvdA would obtain 38 seats and GroenLinks four in the new Dutch Parliament’s Second Chamber, follows a mistake in the way leftover seats were divided. Parties may close pacts before an election so that their votes may be combined to win any leftover seats. GroenLinks would be the beneficiary of such an agreement with PvdA.
As it stands now, the revised result of the Second Chamber election would read as follows (with the number of seats in the outgoing Second Chamber between brackets):
VVD 41 (31) or 26.5 per cent;
PvdA 38 (30) 24.8 per cent;
Party for Freedom PVV 15 (24) 10.1 per cent;
Socialist Party (SP) 15 (15) 9.7 percent;
Christian-democrat CDA 15 (21) 8.5 per cent;
Centre-democrat D66 12 (10) 7.9 per cent;
Christian Union 5 (5) 3.1 per cent;
GroenLinks 4 (10) 2.3 per cent;
Orthodox-Christian SGP 3 (2) 2.1 per cent;
Animal Party PvdD 2 (2) 1.9 per cent;
50Plus 2 (0) 1.9 per cent.
The official results of the Second Chamber election will be announced Monday, September 17.
Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-09-14

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