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Ninth Idol contest started

SABA–The ninth edition of Saba Idol competition, hosted by Scout’s Place hotel, bar and restaurant in Windwardside, started Friday evening with the first qualification round. The annual event runs for ten weeks on Fridays, the usual “Sabaoke Nights.” Contestants signed up for six songs, two per session. The semi-finals will be held in November. Three finalists will compete for the Saba Idol 2012 crown later that same month, when contestants traditionally put on special stage performances with friends, duets, and dressups. Performers can score a maximum of five points for each category: stage performance, vocals, lyrics and audience reaction. The scores will be published weekly on the Saba Idol Facebook page. “It’s fun and entertaining,” said organizer Barbara Tooten, who encouraged the public to attend and sign up. She may be contacted at Scout’s Place or online. “Don’t take it too serious, but serious enough to become a winner,” Tooten said. The event features generous prizes made available by various sponsors from Saba and St. Maarten.
Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-09-15

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  1. We believe that we have a lot of talent on Saba and would like to encourage all good singers, especially Saban’s to come out and sign up. It’s fun and entertaining. We were able to secure great prizes and in the meantime the competition is a firm part of Saba’s live entertainment during the slow summer month.