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Rutte and Samsom confident about working together

THE HAGUE – Caretaker prime minister and VVD leader Mark Rutte and Labor leader Diederik Samsom have confidence they can work together well, they told reporters yesterday afternoon.

Both party leaders had talks with coalition negotiator Henk Kamp yesterday morning and said after the meeting they plan to begin concrete talks after Thursday. “Both of us have confidence we can have a fruitful alliance,” Rutte said.
The new-look lower house of parliament will debate Kamp’s report on the formation process so far on Thursday.
During the election campaign, Rutte described Labor as a danger to the Netherlands and some observers believe a third party may be added to the coalition to bridge the gap between left and right.

However, the two party leaders did not make any comment about the potential involvement of a third party.
The VVD, part of the outgoing government, won 41 seats in the 150-seat parliament in last week’s general election. The PvdA took 38, making a cabinet involving both parties a natural choice.

Source: Today, September 18, 2012

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