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Students recognized for summer reading contest

SABA–Students of Sacred Heart School were recently awarded for prizes for their participation in Summer Vacation Reading Contest. The contest was an initiative of Education Commissioner Chris Johnson and was done in association with Queen Wilhelmina Library, with Head Librarian Joanne Simmons.

Students Sacred Heart School

Students read books that were appropriate to their reading level and their grade. The library kept track of the number of books read and the total number of pages read. The purpose of the contest was to cultivate an interest in reading among the students and to encourage them to learn even outside of regular classes.

The fi rst prize winners received a Kindle with a cover, second prize winners received a Kindle without a cover and third prize winners received a children’s dictionary. Results of the contest were as follows: Grade two fi rst place – Natalie Johnson, second place – Jade Every and third – Khyra Hassell; grade three fi rst place – Shania Homme, second place – Billy Jean and third – Tara Zagers; and, grade four fi rst place – Abiane Saul. Grade fi ve fi rst place – Demetrius Childs and grade six fi rst place – Daniel Barnes and second place – Irma Morales.

Source Daily Herald, September 21, 2012

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  1. Great to read about Sacred Heart School. Maybe the teachers and students there can graciously fill me in on an interesting historical subject about the island of Saba– that being the English shipwreck of 1632. Is it true that as of 20 or 30 years ago Elizabethan English was spoken there? A former classmate of mine who taught drama and art in St. Croix recently told me a wonderful story about how intrigued she was when a small group of Saban girls arrived at her school for special courses and spoke Shakesperian English. Thanks in advance for any light you can give me on this subject. Yours, Jack Kelly Pfanne, Easton, PA, USA.