Friday , March 24 2023

Tenth Sea&Learn season opens with lecture on tarpon

One week before opening night, Sea and Learn lecture series organisers are brimming with excitement, putting the fi nal touches on the most ambitious lectures and activities season yet.

While many details are still under wraps, the opening night for the 10th Annual Sea and Learn on October 1, starting at 5:30pm at the renovated and upgraded Fort Bay harbour, promises to be a big splash. The feature presentation by visiting scientist Micheline Guindon will be on: “Tarpon: The Silver Kings of the Caribbean.” Organisers hope to have the tarpons attracted into the harbour as prime-time “guests” for the opening night.

There will be live music, catering provided by Deep End restaurant and a modern dance performance by Micheline Hinse and Rachel Thijssen. The lecture series features nature researches from around the world, working in cross-cutting conservation fields and interested in the rich bio-diversity provided by Saba’s marine and terrestrial nature parks.

In return for the chance to research the island, the nature experts give back to the community in the form of school and afterschool youth activities, public and free-of-charge lectures, fi eld projects and guided tours for locals and tourists alike.

The lectures seek to raise awareness about the rich natural heritage of the island, and foster the education of the next generation of “safe-keepers” to sustain the viability of the island’s eco-tourism.

Main sponsors are KulturA, Mondriaan Foundation, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund and William Froelich Foundation.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-09-24

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