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Second chance education launched

Foundation Social Workplace Saba (FSWS) launched this school year’s intake for Second Chance Education SKJ and Adult Continuing Education (ACE) with a small opening ceremony at Adult Continuing Education Centre in The Bottom on Monday.

The Second Chance programme gives young people aged 18-23, a second chance at obtaining an official secondary education certificate or diploma. Second Chance Education follows in the footsteps of the social formation programme SVP that was available between 2008 and 2012. ACE follows similar goals but is open to the entire community. SKJ’s curriculum primarily seeks to address the reintegration of youth within the curriculum of regular education or to prepare them for a specific job based on the needs of the local labour market.

The programme is to foster personal development through modules aimed at assisting participants in becoming all-round members of society. The training involves personalized education plans comprising the building of skills and guidance counselling. Those among them who will follow the SKJ trajectory can attend courses for a maximum of 24 months plus an additional six months of follow-ups. The preparatory phase is aimed at improving students’ ability to better follow a regular vocational curriculum. Once the first phase is completed successfully, participants will enter the main trajectory during which the youth will be able to select an area of specialisation. These areas are hospitality, construction, basic-agricultural systems, basic administration and eventually social-pedagogic work.

Some of these courses are to be hosted within the technical and vocational educational training TVET system, now in place at Saba Comprehensive School (SCS). Others will be hosted at specific workplaces to upgrade the skills of workers and participants.

FSWS Interim Director Vanessa Wilson works towards securing a strong relationship with SCS for the use of the school’s facilities and teachers. Wilson recently took over the position of Interim Director after her two-year tenure as SCS’s Internal Guidance Officer.

So far, SKJ contracted teachers for English, mathematics and the personal development course, as well as a counsellor. FSWS is seeking teachers for Dutch, computer courses, as well as occasional lecturers on first-aid skills, work ethics, customer service and an array of other related topics.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-09-29

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