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Workshops prepare SCS teachers for MBO exams

SABA–Vocational teachers at Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) participated in workshops last week geared towards the implementation of the Dutch mid-level vocational education MBO curriculum. The goal was “to create awareness with teachers on how to work on vocational based education” while at the same time “to assess the local needs based on feedback from the teachers,” said Hayo Vink. He works for the Knowledge Centre for Vocational Education and Labour Market KBB in Curaçao. Vink specializes in developing “qualification files which take market standards for a certain profession and translates them into educational programmes.” He evaluates the experience gained by professionals lacking formal diplomas and measures the accumulated skills with the required competences.

Saba Comprehensive School vocational teachers with KBB’s Hayo Vink (centre back row) and Marianne Grutters (right)
(Photo by Teodor Stan)

Together with Manager for Vocational-based Education in Bonaire Marianne Grutters, Vink facilitated a three-day workshop at SCS in St. John’s. Grutters works as MBO Unit Manager for the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
at the Government Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN office in Bonaire. Her work focuses on vocational exam assessments.
Vink had visited Saba before for an assessment of local business needs to adapt the curriculum to Saba’s labour market. The current visit consisted of handing over the resulting documents to SCS, while the workshops ensured that teachers understand the qualification files and education plans.
Asked how long the process may be for SCS to receive MBO accreditation, Vink said this would be achievable within this academic year. “It does not mean that once accredited the process stops, it will be an ongoing, continued evaluation of
what is done, how it is done and what requires improvement. But before the end of this school year the MBO accredited diplomas could be issued,” Vink said.

Source: The Daily Herald, October 2, 2012

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