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Eight students graduate from Saba Comprehensive School

SABA–Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) held a graduation ceremony of the class of 2012 in the auditorium of Saba University School of Medicine in The Bottom. The motto of Saturday’s ceremony was “A journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step,” a fitting choice for the eight students whose journeys in higher education will take them far from the rocky shores of their birthplace.


From left: Homeroom teacher Nadine Granger and teacher Derrick Goffe applauding the graduating class of 2012

Teacher Derrick Goffe was the master of ceremony treating teachers, parents, students and officials to mathematics humour.  The student processional was marked with full gowns, dimmed lights and a candle carried by each student. Form 4A students Bodna Guerrier and Charvella Wilson sang the Saba Song and Pastor Vernon Liburd held the invocation. Island Governor Jonathan Johnson gave the official speech as did SCS Board President Raquel Granger.

Current School Director Hemmie van Xanten also made remarks giving full credit to his predecessor Michiel Boeken. A touching special address sent by the former principal was read by Nadine Granger. The incoming Form 5A students sang “It’s a beautiful day” before a keynote address by former SCS Director Elka Charles.

Students Carolina Hassell, Myron Hassell, Shem Hassell, Esther Henry, Coulton Johnson, Isaiah Liburd, Aimee Thielman and Thomas Wescott were lauded for their excellent results. The first two received diplomas and trophies in absentia.
The diplomas were handed out by Governor Johnson, Commissioner Zagers and Van Xanten. Special awards were presented by Satel Manager Jennifer to CXC Valedictorian Coulton Johnson who held a valedictory address. Coulton obtained maximum scores in all CXC subjects.

Winair presented an award to CXC Salutatorian Aimee Thielman who gave her own address. The Principal’s Award was presented by Van Xanten with remarks from Boeken on Esther Henry’s extracurricular activities. Vice Principal  onstance
Clement presented the Most Improved Student Award to Thomas Wescott. From left: homeroom teacher Nadine Granger and teacher Derrick Goffe applauding the graduating class of 2012.

Teachers extended special awards for outstanding achievements in their respective subject areas. Homeroom teacher of the 2012 graduates Nadine Granger gave a special address on memories and the challenges ahead. Graduates of Form 5A then passed the mantle to the current Form 5A students. As a special gesture, the elaborate programme marked all past and current teachers and administration staff that shaped this graduating class. A reception followed with a toast to the

Source The Daily Herald October 3, 2012

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