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Thousands of clubbers at risk of permanent hearing damage

Most clubbers in the Netherlands have problems with their hearing after visiting a concert or disco and one-third still report hearing peeping and whistling sounds the next day, according to research by the national hearing association. Some 130,000 people aged 18 to 35 took part in the survey. Very few wear earplugs to dampen the noise, the research found. The association said the findings are disturbing because frequent exposure to loud music and sounds at between 100 and 110 decibels can lead to permanent hearing damage.

No limit

In the Netherlands there is no legal maximum for music but the industry has an informal limit of 103 decibels. However, there are no sanctions for clubs which play louder music. The Volkskrant report quotes KRO dj Paul Rabbering who discovered two years ago he has developed permanent damage to his hearing because of the loud music. ‘I always wear properly fitted earplugs if I am at a concert or festival and if I am working, my headphones are never too loud,’ he said.

Source: Dutchnews October 3, 2012
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