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Twelve Dutch universities feature in new Times Educational rankings

Twelve Dutch universities feature in the latest Times Educational World University Rankings’ top 200, making the Netherlands the third-best performing country. Only the US (76) and Britain (31) have more universities in the top 200.

But despite the strong Dutch performance overall, none are in the top 50. Leiden is the highest ranked Dutch educational establishment, in 64th place, having overtaken Utrecht which is now ranked 67th.

Leiden university

Wageningen is the third at number 70 and Erasmus in Rotterdam is fourth at 71. Tilburg is the only Dutch establishment not to feature in the list. In terms of European universities only, Leiden is 16th.

Junior education minister Halbe Zijlstra said these ‘excellent’ figures show ‘Dutch education is better than some people would have us believe.’

The California Institute of Technology is the new leader of the ranking, followed by Oxford University and Stanford.

Divided opinions

Rankings published by Britain’s QS organisation in September said Amsterdam is the best Dutch university. Earlier the Academic Ranking of World Universities, a list of the world’s best research universities compiled by Jia Tong University in Shanghai, said Utrecht is the top-rated Dutch institution in 53rd place. However, Delft University is the highest placed Dutch institution in the Times Educational international reputations list.

Check the full Times Education list

Source Dutchnews, October 4, 2012

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  1. René Caderius van Veen

    This is all Dutch universities but one: so over 92 percent of the Dutch universities. What about the percentage in the USA for instance?

  2. What does the percentage of US schools have to do with it? Can you really use percentages to compare a country of over 200 million people with that of a country with 16 million? This is a just another attempt at trying to insinuate that the Dutch are superior to every other country in the world. In this day and age, does that even make a difference? Probably not, but of course it serves the purpose of making some believe they are better than others, which is nothing other than discrimination in my book.

  3. Saba knows best!

    Don’t worry Surly Saba the picture shown is of Webster University a American University in Leiden! Thought Renee would have spotted that one.

  4. Yep, that’s Webster in Leiden. Genius didn’t go to the birth place of the University. did he?

    I always enjoyed sitting in Rembrandt’s back yard watching the convergence of the canals.