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Global Health Seminar at Medical School

Saba University School of Medicine organised a “Global Health Seminar” last week, during which students had the opportunity to present their medical experiences within various settings around the world. Presenting students during the seminar came from all semesters and, most importantly, from various backgrounds. The seminar’s goal was to raise awareness about challenges faced by medical professionals in different environments.

Seven students presented experiences that ranged from urban settings such as Philadelphia, United States to rural remote areas, such as Punjab and Poona in India and the Inuit communities in Canada. Other presentations were from Nigeria and Nicaragua. Stating the World Health Organisation’s Millennium Goals, the seminar started with sharing volunteer experiences in providing medical care and support for homeless individuals in Philadelphia. Two presentations addressed different challenges faced by grassroots organisations in providing care to improve maternal health and reduce child mortality in India. One student from Nigeria presented a project designed to increase health education on sickle cell anaemia in highly prevalent areas in Africa. Two other students presented their experience with medical care challenges in isolated regions of Northern Canada where access to care is impaired by geographical isolation and scarce resources. Another student presented on challenges faced by medical professionals in Nicaragua, discussing the political and economic environment that play a role in the access and quality of medical care.

Med School faculty member Dr. Lockie Johnson presented some of her research on health beliefs in the Caribbean culture, providing the context of medical care and attitudes in the region. Dr. Ramona Dumitrescu wrapped-up the seminar by providing the background for medical care and health on Saba and by describing health projects that students can get involved in here.

The seminar, attended by students and faculty, received positive reviews as a means of creating awareness about the various challenges of medical practitioners in different settings, and acknowledged both the multicultural background of the student population and their career paths in a globalised labour market.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-10-10

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