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Majority Second Chamber in favour of independent Curaçao

An independent Curaçao by the majority of the Chamber welcomed. This is evident from the reactions of Saturday parties at the election on the Caribbean island.” I do welcome this wholeheartedly, they get all of our support,” let André Bosman of the VVD know. ” Helmin Wiels (Independence party Pueblo Soberano) will have to take steps himself. ”
“If they are not becoming independent, they are expected to adhere to the rules” said the spokesman. If Curacao Does not do that, then funding will be stopped as far as the VVD concerns.

The Labour Party expects the new Curaçao government will come up quickly with a plan to become independent.
” That we wait, we are prepared to make cooperate, we respect the choice of the voters. Curaçao has chosen to continue with the existing coalition, to make Wiels the largest and has therefor chosen a future independent of the Netherlands,” said a spokesman.

SP MP Ronald van Raak agrees. Also according to the PVV the result means that the Netherlands must say goodbye to Curacao.
Van Raak argues that the Netherlands can not cooperate anyway with the MFK of former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte, because of connections that the party would have with the underworld.
The SP MP has long been very critical about alleged corruption and fraud on Curaçao. He called former Prime Minister Schotte before a figurehead of the Mafia, said to have prove of this, and finds that the Netherlands can not be responsible for the island anymore.

Difficult task
The CDA party welcomes independence as well. ” If the people there choose by referendum, then they get it yesterday,” let spokeswoman Madeleine of Toorenburg know. The probability that the referendum comes, CDA considers it realistic.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs indicates that the new government of Curaçao will have a difficult task anyway. The island is facing serious financial and economic problems.

Source: ANP 2012-10-20

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  1. You don’t need to be a psychic to predict this reaction. I would agree, that obviously most voters in Curacao have opted for independence since it was clear that the Netherlands would react this way. I’m not sure if this is in the real interest of the Curacao people but fact is, independence will have to happen sooner than later now. Personally I’m astonished that they voted this way, since it was clear to me how indecent and corrupt the Schotte government was. I’m only sorry for the honest people living on Curacao. What a crying shame to hand over this beautiful island to the mafia.