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Formation Government of Curacao cautiously begun

WILLEMSTAD – There is work going on in the formation of a new government, all outside the media’s watchful eye.

Schotte ans Wiels
(Photo Curacao Chronicle)

The parliamentary elections on Friday gave the coalition of Gerrit Schotte (MFK), Helmin Wiels (Pueblo Soberano) and Charles Cooper (MAN) together a majority. The three parties have cautiously begun consultations. MFK and Pueblo Soberano (PS) both have five seats in the States, but the last party got more votes. MAN has two.

PS leader Helmin Wiels has repeatedly stated that he does not want to be prime minister. Number two on the list, former president of parliament Ivar Asjes, therefore seems the most obvious candidate.

Pueblo Soberano represents an independent Curacao. The party stressed recently that one does not want to rush things, but that separation must be properly prepared and that the people should ultimately decide in a referendum. There is no date given for such a plebiscite. A majority in the Dutch Parliament supports independence for Curaçao.

The coalition of Gerrit Schotte reigned from October 10, 2010 and resigned on August 3 this year and almost two months later had to make way for an interim government. Inside the cabinet was much wrangling. There were various rumors about Schotte. He would have been guilty of corruption and he would have had ties to the Mafia.

Source: Curacao Chronicle, October 22, 2012

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