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Chief prosecutor commends openening of probation and rehabilitation office

Chief Prosecutor for the BES islands David van Delft spoke on the occasion of the opening of the new OM/Probation-Rehabilitation Office in Saba, which took place on Tuesday, October 23.

Members of the Public Prosecutors Office of Curaçao and St. Maarten.
(Photo The Daily herald)

During his speech, Van Delft spoke about issues of concern with regard to failing detention capacity, the physical distance that needs to be bridged between the islands and adequate working space for those involved in the field of justice. “In this respect I mention the project ‘Responsible release,’ Electronic Surveillance, the execution of the punishment of community service and the youth project,” Van Delft said. “Just like in Bonaire, we started with Youth and Domestic Violence Case Meetings.” Van Delft also said that cooperation between probation officers and the police strives for a better and more intense cooperation for a “hands-on approach.”

On the opening of the new OM/Probation-Rehabilitation Office, Van Delft saw it as beautiful symbolism concerning adequate working space, where workers feel safe and at ease and where they can experience “the stimulus to come to a good and solid approach for the benefit of the island population.” The new office lies in the heart of town allowing for easy accessibility and involvement. The Public Prosecutor’s office also shares the building with the Probation office. “All this was realized within two years after the transition. In January of this year we opened an office building in Bonaire. Today we are in the Bottom on Saba, and tomorrow we will be in Statia,” Van Delft said. Solicitor-General of St. Maarten and BES islands Taco Stein and Saba Governor Jonathan Johnson were also in attendance.

Source: The Daily Herald, October 25, 2012

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