Tuesday , February 27 2024

Medical School received NVAO accreditation

Some very good news for the economic stability of Saba:

the NVAO accreditation for SUSOM has gone through. This is good news for those who were expressing worries about losing their livelihood about the whole affair going sour.

‘NVAO is an independent and authoritative accreditation organisation set up by the Dutch and Flemish governments, whose primary goal it is to provide an expert and objective judgement of the quality of higher education in Flanders and the Netherlands. NVAO does this with a constructive, critical attitude, respecting the autonomy of institutions and their primary responsibility for the quality of their education, and with an open eye for the growing international context.
NVAO is open, clear and transparent towards society and all concerned, especially the institutions of higher education and the students.’

This mission translates into three main NVAO tasks:
1. assessing and assuring the quality of Dutch and Flemish higher education;

2. promoting the quality of higher education by promoting a culture of quality, aimed at regular assessment and continuous quality increase;

3. putting Dutch and Flemish sectors of higher education (institutions, programmes) on the map and strengthening their position by means of international cooperation.

Further information on the NVAO and its work can be found on their website www.nvao.net  (in Dutch).

Read their strategy 2012-2016 here (In English)

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