Sunday , October 1 2023

Halloween celebrated with support of Lions Club and Child Focus

The island’s villages were brimming with colourful spooky costumes throughout the day and evening on Wednesday.

“Trick-or-treaters” at Lion Rudolph Hassell’s home in Windwardside
(Saba Lions Club photo)

Most children and adult Halloween parties were organised in Windwardside. Saba Lions Club set up camp at Lion Rudolph Hassell’s home, where members gathered to welcome young and old “trick-or-treaters.” Special spooky music and lavish decorations put together by Hassell made it a ghoulish, fun experience for all as everyone’s sweet tooth was thoroughly satisfied. Group and individual photos were handed out as mementos of the day; six Lions made it all possible with over 175 gift bags being handed out.

Child Focus Foundation held a gruesomely, fantastic afternoon of fun on their playing ground in Windwardside. Most families gathered with children at the blow-up air castle and for the many games put together by the organisers. “This was our largest event
ever with over 200 people turning up,” said Child Focus coordinator Aaron Soares, adding that “this is an annual family day event we host with the support of many local businesses.”  The young participants received prizes donated by local businesses.

The night belonged to the spirits raised by the many parties on the island.

Source The Daily Herald, November 2, 2012

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