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Couple engaged in domestic altercation

A husband and wife were involved in a domestic altercation in The Bottom on Saturday evening, November 3. Chief of Police Herman Oosterveen said that police arrived at the scene after the altercation ended. Oosterveen explained that the father of the wife had intervened in the incident resulting in the father and father-in-law fighting. He stated that a lot of people were present on the street, but the onlookers refused to cooperate with the police as witnesses. “It is strange that we hear the rumours, but nobody seems to know anything when asked,” Oosterveen said. He called on residents to assume their civic responsibilities in cooperating with the police on securing the public safety of the community.

The police also found marijuana plants growing on the premises of the household where the incident occurred and intend to launch an investigation. Oosterveen made it clear that while Saba is a public entity of The Netherlands, it is the Dutch Caribbean laws that apply here and not the European Dutch laws. He stressed that under applicable laws, growing marihuana and possession remain illegal and punishable, even though personal consumption is not actively pursued as an illegal offense.

He also made a distinction between the responsibilities of the Saba police force and the jurisdiction of the customs officers. The Saba police force (KPCN-Saba) and the Dutch Royal Military Constabula are not Customs Officers. The KMars tasks include checking border identification documents of travellers, but are not responsible for checking merchandise in the possession of travellers. It is the Customs officers who are tasked with countering the influx of illegal substances.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-11-08

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