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Funding from AMFO for two priority areas

The Public Entity of Saba recently signed financing agreements with development aid agency AMFO in the amount of US $200,000 for the funding of two projects which are considered priority areas by the Executive Council.

One of the projects that will be funded is the setting up of a sports programme that will utilize sport trainers from Cuba. The programme is designed to offer students the opportunity to take advantage of the sports facilities on the island, while also being part of rigorous and disciplined sports curriculum, which will also introduce them to proper techniques of various sports. Since the programme will take place after school, it will also provide alternative extracurricular activities and encourage young people to engage in healthier lifestyles. The intention of the sports trainers is to also give the youth the opportunity to grow with sports.

The other project is the funds to hire a full-time social worker for the public entity. The purpose of the social worker is to enable the government to determine which services to provide and to ensure that persons most in need get the necessary assistance. This is a service which has been needed for quite some time and it is hoped will lead to alleviating some of the social problems faced on Saba. Commissioner of Social Affairs and Sports, Bruce Zagers signed for the projects on behalf of the Executive Council. “With the signing of these two projects it allows government to address two vital components of our society. Both projects should have a positive impact on the community as a whole,” Zagers said.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-11-12

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