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Health Inspectorate wants director Scot to resign from St. Maarten Medical Center

The Inspectorate of the Ministry of Public Health demands that the St. Maarten medical center terminates its service agreement with AnG Consulting NV or that hospital Director George Scot resigns from the board of directors before or on November 28.

In a lengthy press release the inspectorate says that the SMMC fails to adhere to its legal demands to take action that will remedy the current deficiencies in rendering a basic quality of care.

According to the press release, the medical center maintains that the inspectorate is not authorized to supervise its governance process.

The inspectorate reveals in the press release that it discovered a contract signed on September 17, 2008 between the medical center and AnG Consulting NV for supplying services to the hospital for a period of five years. “AnG Consulting is established at the home address of Dr. G. Scot who appears also to be one of the owners and in any case the CEO of this company,” the inspectorate stated.

The press release also contains graphics that show Scot’s absenteeism from the hospital – between 50 and 60 percent of the time.

The timing of the press release is remarkable, because the parties are awaiting the outcome of a court ruling that is expected tomorrow.

Source: Today, November 15, 2012

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