Wednesday , December 6 2023

Treat locals with respect

Dear Editor,

First of all, Saba Cable TV is and has been not working properly for the past years and yet as much as we complain nothing is done about it. I would like to know if the owner of the company has taken notice that there are over 115 satellite dishes all over the island. Many are fed up with the service, but on the other hand most Sabans cannot afford to purchase a satellite dish to have something to watch when the day comes.

Secondly, some people who are civil servants have been sick for years or more and nothing is said either past or present. There are people working in certain departments and nothing is said about sick leave or even high day thievery. When the cargo boat comes in said persons go to receive their cargo nothing is said. (The aforementioned is just used to illustrate an example as there are others, but when persons start pointing fingers remember there are three pointing back at you.) However, by the same token no one wishes to be sick as “sickness is for everyone.”

Another civil servant gets sick and a person from Holland, your commoner’s son, is brought here and promised all kinds of salaries and getting it. Are our locals making the same amount as the foreigners? Do the foreigners have any accountability for their actions, I ask you? No! I wonder if it had been a local if the treatment would be different.

When are our locally elected officials going to wake up on this island and start treating our locals with some respect that they deserve?

Seeing that the foreigners are taking over Saba, are our locals not good enough for the job? You tell me! The widow’s son: it is said, “Jah doesn’t bat an eye.” But, I wonder if there is any help for the widow’s son and her family. Jah doesn’t sleep, and you thought no one was watching – Karma.

The Old Critic

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-11-19

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  1. As a perpetually low impact foreigner, I can only agree. I like it here, like the people, love the attitude and it’s very sad that the measures “put in place” do not deal with the basic necessitates of those whose who are the life’s blood of the island, as apposed to those collaborating to bleed it dry.

  2. I understand that the letter is written by someone who has had some unpleasant experiences with authorities. His or her frustration is universal, e.g., the republicans in the US as a consequence of the democratic rulers. Many have the impression that the authorities do not sufficiently respect individual interests. Of course, sometimes this is the case.

    Tunnel vision is a disease that limits someones capabilities for wide-angle viewing. Unfortunately only in very exceptional cases is a cure possible. It will be interesting to hear Malachy’s opinion about the changes in the island facilities if he needs an urgent medical evacuation by helicopter to get a specialist treatment in Columbia. Who, do you think, is paying?

  3. Sigh and hum, ha… Who’s paying for all of this? Less tunnel vision and more funeral vision me thinks.

    I’m afraid there is a flaw in the reasoning, since an opinion was requested: “Whirly bird can no go to Columbia from here Meesta, it too small”. I’ll repeat for the hard of hearing, a sense that seams to be lacking or severely damaged from those of the rightest persuasion: “Nice to be outside looking in”.

    We’ve had our fill of the “Grief Guardians” now let’s all welcome the latest edition to the new improved “Denizens of Dread” and boy, this new little splinters getting old already.

    Shameful to wash over the genuine concerns of someone, just for the sake of cheap melee.