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Three cases heard in court

Judge Rene van Veen presided over three cases Tuesday morning, November 20. The first two cases concerned vehicle driving violations and the third, physical assault. In the absence of the accused summoned by the court, the judge allowed Prosecutor Marleen Overmeer to present the findings in the case of S. S. (18) and A. J. (24). S. S. was accused of driving without insurance and A. J. of driving without a licence. S.S was fined US $336 or 12-day incarceration should he fail to pay the fine. A. J. was fined US $140 or fivedays in jail. A. J argued that he did not have the money to pay the fine to which Overmeer explained he is given six weeks to pay the fine.

The third case involved a domestic altercation between two brothers. J.H (46) is accused of throwing hot water on his brother’s face. Overmeer requested a postponement on the decision until J.H can be evaluated by a professional psychologist. Judge van Veen moved the decision date in this case to January 15, 2013, to allow for the psychological evaluation.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-11-21

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