Wednesday , December 6 2023

Teen Times winners will write about Saba visit

Managing Director of Travel Planners Zaida Urvina-Vlaun (second from left) has donated two tickets to Saba to the fi rst place winners of Teen Times Interscholastic Talent Showdown 2012. The intention is for the winners to write about their experience in Saba to be published in the next edition of Teen Times. Travel Planners is one of Teen Times’ longest-tenured corporate supporters and Urvina-Vlaun took the initiative to offer the prize. On hand for the presentation were Teen Times senior writers Kristen Sorton (left), Jamila Boirard (second from right) and Hailey Greaux (right). They thanked Urvina-Vlaun for her kind contribution and for being a great corporate sponsor.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-11-23

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