Thursday , November 30 2023

Import procedure simpler and faster

As of November 21, filing for imported goods on the public entities Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba has become simpler and faster. This is due to the fact that the Tax Service Caribbean Netherlands linked two systems. By combining its GOS collection system and the Asycuda World declaration processing system of Customs, one step in the process has been eliminated. Filing can be now done via computer into the Customs system. From here, a UTB payment notification will be issued. Subsequently, the payment can be made according to the UTB at the cashier of the Tax Service. By linking the two systems, the payment entered into GOS will automatically be directed to Asycuda World. “Subsequently, you can view the selectivity of the goods to be imported at home, in your office or in the booth at the Tax Service,” the release states. The selectivity of the products indicates the extent to which the goods are controlled. Once the inspection has taken place, the goods can be picked up for transport.
Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-11-24

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  1. I work with the Asycuda system now for almost two years and I always thought I’m not extremly stupid, but I have NO idea what this article suggests or says. UTB???, GOS??? Which step was eliminated???? It doesn’t make any sense, same as the whole customs here on Saba. They are living in their ivory towers in Bonaire and Holland and use us as their guine pigs, or what is this all about????

  2. Great news! I always need to be physiologically nurtured when I hear the words: “Simpler” & “Faster” associated with the feeling of “bureaucracy”,

    Phew, thank goodness someone is finally on this case. I, personally, have never met Ms. Asycuda and Mr. Gos but I’m sure they are to be trusted and are of bet intent… After all here it is in black & white.

    However if there is an issue, sending a puppy dog to do a pit bull’s job wouldn’t be Sun Tzu first choice for sure… Or, hang about, up the garden path, tour round the houses… It may have very well been.