Friday , March 24 2023

Opinion: Saba’s Solid Waste Problem

I would like to hereby express my opinion, concerns, and possible suggestions concerning the garbage burning on Saba.

I must give government much credit for all their efforts over the years in trying to find a solution for the problem of the open burning of garbage at the dump, Including purchasing an incinerator to alleviate all the problems associated with openly burning garbage. While the idea and undertaking was meant with all good intentions, the results are far from satisfactory, as while the incinerator has cut down on the amount of smoke released into the air, the toxic, obnoxious, acrid scent released from the incineration of garbage at such high temperatures is much worse than before, in that already it is causing many of the citizens of St. Johns to suddenly complain of health related problems such as headaches, burning eyes, sore throat, sinus, and bronchial problems.

I do not want to be seen as only being critical, while offering no suggestions as to how, in my humble opinion, the situation can possibly be solved. The garbage site has been located in the same area for more or less 35-40 years now, and I believe if enough thought is really put into finding a more suitable location, one can be found.

I am aware that a lot of effort and time has been put into finding a solution for this, but I also firmly believe that the only real viable alternative to this problem is to move the garbage site to a more suitable location farther away from residential areas and where the wind can blow the smoke and scent away from the island. I believe my sentiments are shared by all citizens of St. Johns. Just offering some fuel for thought.

Rudy Zagers

St. Johns,  Saba

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  1. René Caderius van Veen

    The same concern has been expressed by me when the first info over the burner had been published. I even added to that concern that people who have asthma etc. (and I heard that 30% of the children in St John’s have that problem?) in principle could have been suing the government in the past. Whether the smoke will be harmless now can be doubted and the govenment keeps it’s responsibility for public health in St. Johns. A location on the other side of the harbour has been suggested by me, but maybe that I should have done that in a more official way than just by internet. Maybe that it is not too late and that inhabitants of St Johns can still write an official request to the government?

  2. Irresistible subject matter, but not wishing to be a bane: “Opinion: Saba’s Solid Waste Problem”

    We do indeed have a problem with “Sold Waste”, as a man dwelling in his early forties it is of constant concern.

    Since land fill is a question of space/volume and also ore/mineral run off and of emissions concern, why should we not look to the volume first, as it piles higher, that just got to burn.

    Someone with connections may want to get in touch with Coors, or Heineken and suggest they give can crushers instead of trinkets… Although I love my Coors Cap, I’d gladly exchange it for a free can crusher (Two pieces of 2 be 4 with a hinge and let the laws of leverage take the strain to be fair).

    Change starts with little affects as nature dictates

    That said, my stools are still soft and mailable.

    Just a thought, and, as usual, perhaps too much information.