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Community event introduces the youth development expertise team

The Expertise Centre Education Care EC2 organized a fun meet and greets session on Tuesday, November 27 at 5:30pm at Sunny Valley Youth Centre in The Bottom for youth and parents to get to know EC2 better. A quiz game was organised for all participants, encouraging them to get to know each team member. On the walls, the portraits of the team members painted by Domianna Leverock were posted together with descriptions of their expertise.

Physical Therapist Kim te Riele’s station was most popular with the children since it involved physical games. Te Riele is a personal trainer, a special gym class instructor and conducts physical screening of the youth. Speech and language pathologist Najhilah Brooks managed the station on language development and related speech and hearing challenges. Educationalist Jet van Heijnsbergen is the developmental coach, dealing with special needs assessment and educational achievement. Psychologist Carmencita Chemont manned a station addressing socialemotional development of youth and IQ assessment. Behaviour coach Connie Adkins had a station on coaching in the classroom and developing behavioural plans. Family physician Dr. Gina Boorsma spoke on youth health and physical well-being issues. Youth worker Errick Spence also manned a station on youth activities, providing support for parents and on storytelling. Child and adolescent psychiatrist Cheryl Ferero had a station on the thinking process, feelings and behaviours related to developmental needs.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2012-11-29

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