Tuesday , February 27 2024

“Bizzy B” Dutch bakery opens in Windwardside

A new Dutch-style bakery opened this week in Windwardside. “Bizzy B” bakery is housed in the newly erected Breadline Properties complex. The owner and manager is Rachel Thijssen, known locally for her management of “The Eden Bakery” since 2008. Thijssen took over the Eden bakery from the owners of a restaurant of the same name. She found a ripe market for greater bread variety. She personally missed the Dutch bread, the Campania, whole wheat, multigrain variety of breads and pastries and decided to invest in expanding the businesses. The new selling point is a complementary extension of the business with 18 kinds of bread on sale, including baguettes but it also acts as a pastry and coffee shop, complete with hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, croissants and the meaty and sweet “Hartige” pastries as well as the “Gebak” Dutch cakes. Thijssen said she plans to expand the menu with flatbread sandwiches (paninis), soups and salads and fresh juices. Modest and pragmatic, Thijssen has a reputation for performing on the island ranging from her singing with Stefan Wasner to modern dance with Micheline Hinse and for other theatrical productions. The Breadline Properties complex is ready to officially open this weekend.
Source: “The Daily Herald” 3013-07-05

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  1. Murray E Archer

    it looks very nice. am hoping to find a source for SEEDLESS TANGERINES ? Can get the plants tho.

  2. Michiel Boeken

    Congratulations, Rachel!

  3. Congratulations Rachel. Looking forward to some good treats next time I come!