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Sacred Heart pupils bound for high school

Sacred Heart primary School (SHS) held a graduation ceremony celebrating pupils’ advancement to the Saba Comprehensive School. The ceremony was held Saturday afternoon in the new building auditorium of the Saba University School of Medicine in The Bottom. A substantial number of family, friends and teachers turned out for the event filling the large auditorium. Commissioner of Education Chris Johnson held an official congratulatory speech for the school teachers and parents who overcame transitional challenges and focussed on his personal involvement in giving Saban history lessons to the pupils. He is impressed with the large graduating class and aided by his daughter he handed each of the pupils a book, the “Saban Lore -Tales from My Grandmothers Pipe” written by his father Will Johnson. He encouraged them to read about the history of Saba and take pride in its unique aspects. He said, “We are the first real Sabans” as the Amerindians and Arawaks were transient, spending only a few months a year on the island.
Joyce Smith delivered a motivational speech acknowledging the multilingual diversity of pupils and of parents and congratulating them on their achievements while preparing them for the challenges specific to teenage years. She told parents that their children must be handled with care as special gifts and appreciated for who they are. To the children, she spoke of the need to develop a personal drive to make each day count towards their learning. The diplomas were handed out together with awards from sponsors. The valedictorian speech was followed by a poem and a closing song. A reception followed at the Saba University School of Medicine (SUSOM) campus.
Source: “The Daily Herald” 3013-07-05


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