Tuesday , February 27 2024

Wilson poses written questions to the Executive Committee

Today the Daily Herald reports that Mr. Rolando Wilson, member of the Island Council, released a number of questions in writing to the Executive Council on Friday.
The first question on the implementation of property tax seeks clarification why only the church building is exempted and not the church rectory where the priest resides.
Similarly, Wilson inquired why non-resident Sabans or foreigners living abroad have to pay the tax on vacant property. He is interested to know if such property owners would be exempted from the tax if they cultivate the land.
He also inquired into how many persons have paid vehicle road tax so far, and if the tax department will continue to handle the collection of this tax.
He would like the Executive Council to share the conclusions of the study conducted concerning water production and distribution on Saba.
He also inquired into the status of appraisals being made for the government’s sale of land at the dilapidated former Captain’s Quarters resort in Windwardside. With regard to the subsequent sale of that land, Wilson asked if “the same people (Carla Nardi etc.) are still interested in purchasing the property from government.” The request for an update may point at possible changes in buyer interest, pending the appraisals within a challenging international financial climate.
He requested for information to be made public regarding any foreign investors interested in development projects on Saba. Of note is his question with regard to the status of the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) application. Such funding concerns the ongoing social housing infrastructure development overseen by Own Your Own Home Foundation, of which Wilson is the president.
He also requested details on who would provide technical support to Saba’s new electric company, especially in light of a needed generator overhaul. He would also like to know if the company becomes an N.V. or a B.V., if a multi-annual operating plan would be instituted and if the company’s income will cover all operating cost or if it is expected to incur losses.
Echoing ruling Windward Islands People’s Movement (WIPM), Wilson asked why the civil servants of the National Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN have their own airplane and don’t use Windward Islands Airways International WINAIR flights between Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten.
Wilson also requested an update on the status of the master plan for Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport.
Wilson would like clarity on the expansion plans of A. M. Edwards Medical Centre and its impact on Honourable Henry C. Every Home for the Elderly. Wilson requests that, if available, the master plan should be shared with the public. Similarly, he requested that, if completed, the new plans for the school complex in St. John’s be shared.
He also would like to be informed if Saba has a representative on the supervisory board of the Land Registry (cadastre) on St. Maarten, and, if not, when one would be appointed.
The Executive Council is expected to issue official written responses to these questions within 30 days.

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