Sunday , April 2 2023

Several arrests after Carnival closing

The Daily Herald reported that Police Officer Wingrove Baker confirmed Monday that several persons were arrested after the official closing of Carnival. He said the weeklong series of Carnival events and parades “went off without a glitch.”

Through the monitoring of suspicious behaviour, the police arrested one male suspect for weapon and drug possession after Sunday’s last parade. Four Saba residents were arrested in the proximity of Carnival Village in The Bottom after the official closing and the burning of King Momo. One of these persons was arrested for involvement in a fight on Mathew Levenstone Street. A woman of undisclosed nationality was arrested and detained for interfering with police work in front of Carnival Village. The other persons were also arrested for hindrance of the police in performing their duties, which resulted in several persons arguing in front of the Police Station in The Bottom. Two suspects were kept overnight, while two were released later on Monday, after the investigations were completed. The person found in possession of drugs was released on Wednesday.

Saba Fire Department Chief Julio Every confirmed that a fire broke out Monday, around 1:00am at a home across from the Fire Department in The Bottom. The tenants were safely evacuated and the premises secured by fire fighters. The fire appeared to have been caused by an electrical overload. Although the material damage was not extensive, the tenants spent the night elsewhere as a precaution. The Fire Department is calling on residents to be aware of the potential fire hazard of malfunctioning electrical equipment.

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  1. Someone arrested for weapon and drug possession on Sunday was released on Wednesday. Well, it looks like nothing ever changes in this aspect. Yet, people find it absurd that condoms are being distributed at carnival. Where’s the logic?