Monday , March 20 2023

RCN admits that it broke a rule

The National Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN reacted to accusations which was published in the Daily Herald that it did not always observe the rules in the past for hiring temporary employees. This can be concluded from a reaction to accusations expressed by civil servant union ABVO. RCN wrote that in the past temp agencies, recruitment organisations and monitoring entities had not taken sufficient consideration with the maximum period of 12 months for making use of “temps.” To rectify such, in these cases RCN will terminate their deployment only when they have found other employment. RCN says it is aware that the maximum period for temporary employment is one year. The representative of the Dutch Government in three special overseas public bodies Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba had not always observed this rule.
Every new employee of RCN is given a temporary appointment, whereby a trial period of one year is common practice depending on the function. No difference is made between Caribbean Dutch citizens and European Dutch citizens. RCN now promises to observe the law in new situations when hiring temporary employees.

That persons in temporary employment –including both temps and employees with a temporary appointment- are unable to contract a loan with the bank is not a situation on which RCN can exert influence; that is up to the companies which give out credit. In addition, it is a private affair of the applicant and the same applies in The Netherlands. RCN mentioned that the union’s argument of temporary employees receiving a lower salary because a fee is paid to the temp agency is absolutely incorrect. RCN pays the temp agency for the services provided, but the salary of the temps is equal to that of those in the service of RCN, in case of an equal function and with comparable experience. RCN monitors this strictly.
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