Friday , March 24 2023

Succesful Colour Cross-Fit event

The Daily Herald writes about the first Colour Cross-Fit event on Saba received a healthy turnout Thursday evening. Although the Women Medical Student Association and the Saba Girls Run were the main organisers, many of the participants were both young Saban men and male medical students. Everybody wore the event’s official T-shirts with the motto “Eat clean – train dirty.” This is the third colour-run on the island, but the first to combine several sport challenges at various points in the track. Volunteers set-up the obstacles and armed with bright colorants, everyone got thoroughly splashed before making it to the finish-line at the Coffee House.
Underlining the health theme of the family sports event, the Body, Mind and Spirit Foundation provided healthy snack platters of vegetables with health dips and fruits for everyone. Proceeds from the official T-shirt sale and participation fees are to be donated to the Child Focus Foundation.

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