Saturday , April 1 2023

Volleyball tournament – Friday through Sunday, August 16-18

Vollybal tournament 2013

In the spirit of cooperation civil servants of the RCN and the Public Entity of Saba will face each other in a friendly volleyball tournament this weekend at the Peter L. Granger Auditorium in St. Johns. To make the tournament even more exciting two additional teams will join the mix; one comprising of students of the Saba Comprehensive School and one comprising of Saba All Stars veteran volleyball players.

Teams Playing:
• Saba Island Government Smashers
• RCN Strikers
• Saba All Stars
• Saba Comprehensive School

Come out and be surprised by some of the players forming part of these dynamic teams. Will there be members of the Executive and Island Council joining in the fun? The only way to find out is if you come out. It is going to be sheer fun and excitement for the whole family.

The games will begin nightly from Friday through Sunday at 7.00 PM Sharp.


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