Monday , February 26 2024

Water truck driver “Cuchi” held for shopping without shirt

The Daily Herald reports that Police Officer Wingrove Baker confirmed the arrest of a man in Windwardside on Friday, because the police considered him as not properly clothed. Baker explained the man was arrested for violation of Article 470 of the Criminal Code and Article 31 of the Island Ordinance promoting public order and community protection. Baker stated that “based on these articles, the person in question was summoned to clothe himself properly and completely on the public road and before entering the supermarket. The suspect did not adhere to the summons from the police officer, which was a violation of Article 190 of the Criminal Code. Upon being told that he was under arrest, he fought with the police.” The police also confirmed that the suspect was held for questioning and released the same day, with the case being processed and forwarded to the Criminal Court.

Ernest “Cuchie” Klaber, a former political candidate on the Saba Labour Party list was interviewed on his version of the incident. Klaber is a truck driver delivering water to customers. Klaber described the incident, which occurred at Big Rock supermarket in Windwardside around 2:00pm. He said that while standing in line at the cashier, another customer, whom he knew is a police officer, told him to put on a shirt. He refused. “I have been delivering water shirtless for years and I still don’t believe that I broke any law. I am not aware of any regulation about a dress code, and if there is, I wonder why it has never been enforced until last Friday.”

He pointed that the person apprehending him did not wear a uniform and was clearly off-duty, buying groceries. Klaber also said that the store owners had not asked him to put on a shirt. Klaber stated that the police officer pushed him out of the store onto the intersection. Not expecting this kind of aggression, Klaber said he had defended himself because he believed that the man “had no right to touch me.” “He harassed me. I had to put my hands on him to protect myself,” he said, showing small scars on his hand from the struggle. Klaber said he was held six hours for questioning. Asked if the officer had explained his actions, Klaber said the officer only told him he was under arrest. Klaber believes the officer “clearly” wanted to provoke the incident. The officer involved has a reputation on the island for bravado remarks on “cleaningup the island,” according to Klaber.

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  1. René Caderius van Veen

    It sounds as if this case has not been handled in an elegant way.

  2. That cop is on a definite power trip. If he had a genuine interest against people going shirtless he would have stopped Cuchie on his first day.

  3. Does this mean if tourists walk into Deep End or Pops Place without a shirt they will get arrested?
    Why is it that some laws are used and some are not, such as underage drinking, statutory rape etc.. (this is a well known fact)
    But let Cuchie walk around without a shirt and he is arrested with articles of law being mentioned.

  4. Wow… it looks like the Fashion police has arrived on Saba!

  5. Wow!

  6. If we actual start to follow the laws, I think it’s better to start with the law that protects the community and makes live more safe.
    Is there more danger when somebody walks around without a shirt than when he is driving a car with alcohol in his blood or is using his telephone during driving this car?
    Did you ever hear of priority?

  7. Thank god it wasn’t Baker sans shirt!!!

  8. Cuchie has such a beatiful physique I suspect the cop was jealous!

  9. Holy crap, seriously!!!!
    Has the cop really got nothing better to do. I’m sure if he had looked just a little bit he could have probably found someone standing or sitting just outside of Big Rock with some dope in their pockets and probably with no shirt on so he would have had probable cause to search them after he arrested them too. If this is what’s at the top of the list for the police I would say they could probably cut down on the number of cops on the Island because apparently all the real serious stuff is taken care of.

  10. Cuchi has as truckdriver a profession . The policeman only a job

  11. Damn right Johnnie!

  12. Well to be fair the supermarket in question strips the shirt off your back when you get to the Cash register, Cuchi was just trying to speed up the process. He realizes time is money.

  13. The way I see it is this: Cuchie has minimal chest hair and abs of steel. Enough said!

  14. How many people went thirsty that day…….that’s the real question.