Friday , March 24 2023

Watercolour classes in Organoponics Garden

The Organoponic Garden of Foundation Social Workplace Saba hosted a watercolour painting class Saturday morning, writes The Daily Herald. The art workshop on The Level was led by Saba’s most acclaimed artist Heleen Cornet. Cornet leads a group of artists and students, who meet weekly. The session at the garden, while open to the public, focused on teaching children about painting, as well as encouraging an appreciation of fruits and vegetables. Participants brought their own art supplies, with some material provided by organizers. While children chose their drawing spots in the garden, parents browsed the bushes for their weekend shopping. Instead of shopping by refrigerated stands, garden visitors walked around with baskets asking employees to cut only those herbs and vegetables they wanted. Prices for produce tend to be symbolic compared with imported groceries and the organizers strive to make visits a family-oriented happening, agricultural engineer Otto Manuel Andérez Ramos explained. The artists’ and children’s drawings were made in support of project. The artworks were applied on the brown paper bags used during the sale of produce at the weekly SABAGRO market at Breadline Plaza in Windwardside. Customers may thus “stumble” on an original Heleen Cornet or the work of a future artist. Therefore, customers are advised to keep their grocery bags.

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